Creation of SOSEA Company

Creation of SOSEA Company (“Société de Services pour l’Europe et l’Afrique” service company for Europe and Africa) in Le Havre – one of the historic cotton transit ports – at the initiative of European importing traders and African producers.

SOSEA is responsible for the quantitative and qualitative control of cotton and acts as an international arbitrator in the event of a dispute between traders and producers, a role it still plays today.


1963 – Source: Port Autonome du Havre


1986 – Creation of the transport and logistics department


Creation of the transport and logistics department

Creation of a transport and logistics department and acquisition of a 6,500 sqm storage warehouse in the port of Le Havre (Sandouville). Creation and development of a new transport and logistics activity towards African countries.


Integration of a central purchasing department

Acquisition by SOSEA of “Dépannage Export Express”, a central purchasing company specialising in the supply of industrial products in Africa.

Creation of an office dedicated to air transport on the Roissy site, near the airport.


Creation of a customs department and an import department

Takeover of Taquey and TMP forwarding agents, which makes it possible to add a Customs department and an import department to the existing export department.


Interior view of the Sandouville warehouse


Development of the trading activity

Extension of the central purchasing department: takeover of the management of the central purchasing department of the DAGRIS group (now GEOCOTON), which thus strengthens SOSEA’s trading activity.


China: Creation of a subsidiary

SRI (Sosea Robertson International), is set up, in partnership with Destock Company, for the control and storage of cotton on import.

From 2011 onwards

Diversification of activities

SOSEA is committed to a policy of diversifying its activity, which until now had only been connected to cotton.



Creation of SOSEA USA, a subsidiary specialized in the purchase of spare parts for ginning machines, the largest manufacturers being American.



Acquisition of an interest in PAI

Acquisition of a stake in PAI (“Produits et Accessoires Industriels” Industrial Products and Accesories), a company based in the industrial area of Le Havre (France), specialised in the supply of industrial equipment for the oil and gas industries in Maghreb and in the Middle East.

Pooling of the distribution and marketing channels of each company.


Creation of 2 subsidiaries in Africa

SOSEA Ivory Coast to cover the UEMOA zone and SOCAMSEA (Cameroon) to cover the CEMAC zone. With these two subsidiaries, SOSEA is present locally throughout the sub-Saharan region and can respond more quickly and more effectively.


Fin 2016

Takeover of PODIA

Acquisition and merger of PODIA, a company specialised in the trade of agricultural equipment and irrigation (tractors, cotton pickers, trailers, seeders…) which allows us to further expand our product offer.


Acquisition of a new warehouse,

Acquisition of a new warehouse, which brings our storage capacity to 10,000 m2.


ISO 9001 certification and SOSEA-PAI purchasing office

  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Creation of a SOSEA-PAI purchasing office in Houston