Security policy and AEO accreditation

The Transport and Logistics activity has been certified AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) since 2014 by the French customs authorities.

This certification, which facilitates daily customs operations, is a guarantee of trust from the authorities and a guarantee of quality service for our customers.

Our company operates in the context of international trade and through these different activities represents several links in the supply chain supporting these international exchanges.

From an economic point of view, in a world where competition is increasingly fierce to be able to develop in the market, we must offer a rigorous service and
an ever greater reactivity by ensuring the security of the transported goods.

From a political point of view, in a world:

  • where tragic events follow one another in often unexpected places
    (St Michel metro station in Paris, Trafalgar square in London, Manhattan towers, etc.),
  • where trafficking of all kinds (drugs, weapons, counterfeiting) is constantly increasing,
  • where cargo theft is on the rise,

We want to adopt a social and civic approach by identifying all abnormal events that could occur on our sites to address them in consultation with the competent authorities.

From an operational point of view, in a world where customs administrations want to control the flow of goods while respecting the fluidity requirements necessary for the development of international exchanges, we need to set up a rigorous and structured organisation to comply with customs regulations and its evolutions.

These are the principles of the security policy that we want to implement in our company.

The AEO Regulation provides us with a framework for integrating security concepts into our daily activity in order to better control the security of the supply chain and goods.

We have therefore decided to commit our company to a certification process according to the following framework of reference:

European Regulation EC 1875 – 2006 on Authorised Economic Operators (AEO)

We are committed to providing the human and material resources necessary for the implementation of this security policy and the achievement of the certification objective, but, please be aware, that it is only through the support of everyone that we can achieve it.

Sandouville, 11/03/2014
Jean François COUASNARD,
General Manager


Quality approach

Customer satisfaction is our priority: this is why we have started a quality approach aimed at eventually obtaining ISO 9001 V2015 certification for all our services.

This approach is part of a process of continuous improvement of our procedures and work tools.