Our traction solutions

  • Tractors with engines adapted for low, medium and high power handling
  • Trucks for the transport of production (wood, water…) and soil treatment products
Centrale d'achats SOSEA
Centrale d'achats SOSEA
SOSEA Solutions agricoles
SOSEA Solutions agricoles

Adapted tools

For the transport of productions: Trailers, tippers or stationary baskets or buckets, cotton boxes

For soil preparation:

  • Plough, cultivator, seed drill, cover crop
  • Fertiliser distributor, manure spreader
  • Mower, rake
  • Bale clamp, grapple, shovel, blade, shovel, shovel, fork, loader
  • Seed drill, harrow

Agricultural consumables

  • To amend, fertilise, treat crops: farm inputs, fertilisers, insecticides
  • To protect users: PPE
  • Tools: sprayers, tanks

Solutions for water control

Water irrigation and storage: pumping stations, power units, pumps, valves, storage tanks, pipes, hoses…